Sociable Technology is an independent strategic consulting practice helping organisations to make the most of digital social technologies.

We specialise in providing strategic advice, planning and implementation support for complex digital technology projects.

Our mission is to help clients to develop and implement effective strategies for using digital information and communication technologies.

Our areas of expertise include digital and online strategy, social tools and platforms, digital content management, information architecture and design, multimedia and web infrastructure, digital marketing, communications planning and organisational development.

We work with our clients to plan and implement strategic, well informed, innovative and cost effective technology investments.  Wherever possible we recommend and advocate the use of open source tools and social platforms.

Our services include strategy facilitation, requirements documentation, project planning and project management. We provide creative solutions in information and communication design for cultural, educational and community projects.

Our approach recognises the unique goals and requirements of each client and project. We use a range of structured methodologies to ensure effective alignment of technology investments with organisational mission and goals.

Recent projects use a range of different open-source tools and solutions to create rich and engaging user experiences.

Our clients range from government agencies, to not-for-profit organizations, to universities and cultural institutions. What brings them to Sweet Technology is a desire to implement innovative online solutions that are strategic and cost-effective.

Principal consultant

Darren Peacock is the Managing Director and Principal Consultant of Sociable Technology. Darren has twenty years experience in planning and managing information and communication projects and services. He established Sociable Technology in 2004 to provide specialist advice and assistance to organisations looking to maximise the benefits of digital ICTs.

Sociable Technology works with a range of other associates to draw on additional skills and expertise as required by our clients.

Darren is an active author and conference speaker on issues and projects relevant organisational strategy, digital communication and project management.

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