Avenues of Honour stand tall

Entrance to Avenue of Honour in Ballarat, Victoria. Photo courtesy of Sarah Wood.

Entrance to Avenue of Honour in Ballarat, Victoria.
Photo courtesy of Sarah Wood.

The Avenues of Honour project aims to commemorate all those who have lost their lives in military service to Australia through memorial tree Avenues.  By 2015 the project aims to document, restore, reinstate and establish Avenues around the country.  The project website it is the first step.  It includes a map of all of the currently known Avenues in Australia- all 570 of them.

The launch of the website this week and associated press coverage created a huge amount of interest.  Several new Avenues have been discovered in the process and many others are now engaged with the project.

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Adelaide Heritage alive

This week we are pleased to announce the launch of the Adelaide City Heritage website on behalf of the National Trust of South Australia.

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The site provides an online space for discussing issues in heritage protection and promotion within the City of Adelaide.  It includes information about heritage sites within the city, including major landmarks, hidden gems and sites at risk from neglect or inappropriate development.  The site features a responsive page layout and close integration with social and email platforms to ensure lively, active engagement and cross device usability.  Check it out and tell us your thoughts!



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We love being responsive

As this post from The Sociable explains well, creating an app can sometimes be more of a corporate vanity project than an effective way to meet the needs of users.

A responsive website offers the same ease of access on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones but with lower set up and maintenance costs.  Apps are best suited for highly popular and specialised tasks.  Making your website responsive across all devices is a more sustainable approach for most organisations.

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