Presentations and publications

Darren Peacock is a regular conference speaker and contributor to professional journals. Some recent presentations and publications include:

Recent presentations

The future of work in a digital world.  Presentation to Australian Human Resources Institute, Adelaide, July 2013.

Royal Historical Society of Victoria annual conference, Melbourne, November 2012.
Presentation: The Future of Local in a Hyperconnected World.

Museums Australia National Conference, Adelaide, September 2012.  Presentation: Building the Broadband Museum.

National Trust (Willunga Branch) Annual General Meeting, August 2012.  Presentation: Using Technology to share heritage with new generations.

QuestNET Digital Outreach Conference, Cairns, July 2012.

Australasian Digital Humanities Conference, Canberra, March 2012.

Museums Australia National Conference, Perth, November 2011.

QuestNET Digital Outreach Conference, Gold Coast, July 2011

Connecting Up Australia Conference, Melbourne, May 2011


Recent publications

Peacock, D. “Complexity, conversation and change: learning how museum organizations change” in Robert R. Janes, Museums and the Paradox of Change, 3rd edition, Routledge, London, 2013, pp. 235-245.

Peacock D., Anderson, M. and Russell, A. ‘Blogging the past: Recreating history and building community with Bound for South Australia, 1836′ Museums and the Web conference, San Diego, April 2012. Available online at:…

Peacock D., “Putting Mallala on the map: Creating a wiki community with Now and Then” Conference Paper presented at Museums and the Web conference, Denver, April 2010. In J. Trant and D. Bearman (eds). Museums and the Web 2010: Proceedings . Toronto: Archives & Museum Informatics. Available online at:

Peacock, D., Lu, N. and Swatman, P.M.C. “Building a Business Model Framework for Digital Heritage Collections” in Australasian Journal of Information Systems, July 2009.

Peacock D. “Complexity science and the dynamics of organisational change”, Conference Paper presented at the Tenth International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management, Dallas, July 2009.

Russo, A., and D. Peacock, “Great Expectations: Sustaining Participation in Social Media Spaces.” Conference paper presented at Museums and the Web conference, Indianapolis, April 2009. In J. Trant and D. Bearman (eds). Museums and the Web 2009: Proceedings. Toronto: Archives & Museum Informatics. Also available online at:

Peacock, D. “Disruptive technologies and organizational change in cultural heritage organizations’” Museum Management and Curatorship, Vol 23, 4, December 2008, pp 333-351.   Awarded best paper, 2008, Management category.

Peacock, D. ‘The Information Revolution in Museums’ in P. Marty & K. Jones (eds.) Museum Informatics, Routledge, London, 2008, pp. 59-76.